Ice White – no-yellow shampoo


Shampoo with balanced and stabilized pH.
It eliminates the yellowish reflection of white mantles. It should not be used as bleaching. Also excellent for black and tricolor mantles. It enhances the natural bright shades and enlivens the colors of the hair, with a fresh and pleasant scent.


MANTLE WITH LIGHT YELLOW REFLECTION: use 1/3 Ice White + 1/3 part Balm 360 + 1/3 specific Beauty or Special care shampoo. Apply to the dog's mantle, massaging for a couple of minutes. Rinse and dry.

STRONG YELLOW MANTLE: use a small amount of pure product on the yellow areas and leave on for 2 minutes. Remove the shampoo with a comb, proceed with rinsing and dry.

BLACK MANTLE: use pure.

Use gloves.

  • Product format
    200 ml

    1 lt – 5 lt