Supplement & Care

URBAN DOG offers a complete line of food supplements with latest generation technology “MICRO KAP”: microcapsules that encompass and preserve the integrity of the active ingredients they contain.

MICRO KAP slowly releases its contents, making it bio available and active in the intestine area to optimize assimilation.


Renovate provides articular nourishment for correct wellbeing and functionality of the joints.

Complex System CLA

Food supplement that improves muscle development, strengthening and protecting cardiac activity, reduces body fat without altering the total body mass.

Entero Act

Entero Act, thanks to the action of the M.O.S. restores the correct generation of favourable intestinal flora and improves absorption of the nutritional ingredients.

HD Color

HD Color, accentuates tan cloak, enhances colours, improves the quality and the pigmentation of the fur, has an antioxidant action.

Black Stone

Function of releasing the body from the presence of toxins and heavy metals, through the disinfection of the intestinal tract by reducing bad odors and hardening of the diarrhea stools.


Rich in Vitamins, antioxidants, essential aminoacids responsible for the syntesis of muscle protein, omega3.

Oil Performant Expo

Energy and well being.

Muscle Dog Tab

Muscle Function with Creatine and Carnitine

Renovate Plus Tab

Articular function, integrated with vitamin C

Proderma Tab

Energy and well being.

Entero Act Tab

Reduction of intestinal problems

Vis Integra Tab

AMultivitamin, trace elements